A Letter from Isaiah
The Road to the East: Towards a Land of Harmony
The land that all conflicts (separation) end.
The Promised Land

Ancient Japanese legends are now being unraveled
Highly acclaimed new feature animation film that connects the Middle East and Japan through "Harmonious Unity."
Story of love and emotion that 400 million people from the whole world shed tears after the trailer was released

From molecules to elementary particles
From divided children to a world where everything is one
Humanity is finally awakening
That everything is connected in a mysterious way
To a world where everything is connected…
To the world where there is no corrosive oxidation and thoughts…

"A Letters from Isaiah-Will of Isaiah." is a magnificent, spectacular historical romance based on the traditions of Awaji Island in Japan. It describes the grand journey of love and eternity of a people and their leaders who avoided conflict and respected the oneness of harmony from the Middle East and ancient Arabia to Japan.
Outline of the Story

The war ended in 1946.
Two brothers, eldest and a younger brother, accompanied by their father, boarded a boat to Awaji, Osaka.
Isao and Akira
Awaji is the destination
About one hour from the port of Sumoto
My father's hometown, my parents' home...

We have landed in Yamato.
It is the land that Isaiah made his capital...

Isaiah's last will and testament passed down from generation to generation.
To his descendants.
To the people of the land of harmony, in this world of oneness.
He continued to convey the importance of harmony to the children of Yamato...
In the land of the Jindai, letters left by Kukai, a descendant of ancient Jews,
are found in the temple opened by the ancient Kukai and in the ancient warehouse of the family that guards the shrine. Along with a letter…
Emperor Junnin, who was a descendant of Isaiah, loved and respected Isaiah.
There, the tragic emperor Junnin, a descendant of Isaiah, who loved and respected Isaiah, said, even if you hurt me, I will not hurt you.

The world of emptiness, where love can connect us, is in the inspiring book of Mu... He said.

The 10,000 km distance
In the future Silk Road, people were desperate to
headed east to the promised land.
The theme song tells the story of parents and grandparents who have fallen on the way and wish to return to Izanagi, at least for their sons, grandsons, and friends.
Whether they collapsed to the ground or perished there, some people strive for the promised land of the east...
Even as they collapsed to the ground, there were still people who sought the Promised Land...

It is also said that Isaiah set up a guide station at the port of Amano-Hashidate so that the 13 tribesmen would not get lost...
He wished for the safety and life of his people above everything else.
This is the story of an ancient Jewish chief who cared for his beautiful people…
It is said that Isaiah strongly wished for the safety of his
people and requested and urged the surrounding counties
along the Silk Road.

A letter more than 1,000 years old was found in an ancient temple in Jindai, Awaji Island, founded by Kukai.
There was great lore hidden in the letter…
It is the story of a people who fled the conflict in the Middle East 2680 years ago and migrated 10,000 kilometers to create a land of harmony.
It contains a message and the thoughts and feelings of Isaiah Nagyid to his descendants and the thoughts of the ancient Hebrews that are important for their survival.

Theme Song  A magnificent historical romance
“Beyond the skies and the ocean”, "Let Your Friends Win - to create a land of love -"
"On the "The Road to the East - to make a land of love, to be a model world”
Beyond this molecular world (divided children)
The secret of the world where the elementary particles of love are united
The secret of the inspirational book, emptiness, is now revealed...

What is the Promised Land?
Isaiah and his people
A land forever far to the East
The Land of La Mu, home of the undivided people
East of Eden
In the home of my heart
I'm sure I'll see you there
It's a promise
Isaiah was worried about the people who were waiting for him.
He prayed until the day he passed away...
This story is about the sincere feelings of an ancient chief...

“Letter from Isaiah - Isaiah’s will -.”

A message from Isaiah to the people who are harmonized from the separation
Even if I lose your body…
Thoughts of harmony  What I want to convey to the people…
From the deep regret and remorse of the divided.
Isaiah Nagyid's oath, the sorrow he shares with La Mu can be seen there...
What you see from the world of separation
Because he truly loves his people
is the law of true prosperity.
The thoughts of a chief who has continued to convey the thoughts of harmony...
Ancient Jewish Law  From self to selflessness
Because of the love of humanity
Even if I lost my body
Even in death, what I wish to convey

When all things are united, you will prosper and succeed.
Separate, and you will punish yourself, suffer, and perish.
The beautiful children of God are always trying to correct themselves of the mistakes of division. ....A secret that is also written on the tablet of the Torah.
Therefore, my friends
And the people
We will never be separated.
At all times
Choose the path of harmony
It is the true path to happiness.

Isaiah Nagid

By the Lord's guidance, let there be no rivalry
Isaiah decided to go far to the east.
With the help of the tribe of Ebus in Phoenicia, Isaiah set sail on the ship Tarshish.
After a vast voyage, he sailed through what is now Okinawa
He established his capital at Jindai, Awaji Island.
The time was around 680 BC...

For the first time, humanity encounters the truth in this story, a world of beautiful love. Abandon the belief in molecules and division, transforming into a civilization of elementary particles (ether) where everything is one…

Written by MARTH
A heartwarming voice of the soul
What is the mission of the people of Yamato?
I really feel the importance of harmony now.
A great spectacular romance

"Letter from Isaiah."

The Hebrew People Return to the Land of Yamato, Mu for a Land of Harmony
Even though hurt by others, never hurt others
Even if deceived by others, never deceive others
Even if you are killed by others, never kill others
There is no control and enslavement
No one invades the homeland of others and not to be invaded by others
Neither overconfident nor conceited.
Because there will be no conflict, no competition,
A people at peace, a nation of beauty, a model for the world will be created

Isaiah Nagid

A message from Isaiah to the children of Yamato

If you live with separation
You cannot love yourself
You will not be loved by someone close to you
True friends leaves
You will harm yourself
You will punish yourself
You will awaken yourself
You'd even try to destroy yourself.
Because you are God's people,
your faithfulness will be very strong...
Therefore, let us now end the division of molecules and return to the state of being all things to ourselves.
Yamato's father earnestly hopes that you will return to a state of being all by yourself, love and cherish yourself, and live happily ever after...

Letter from Isaiah - Will

Listen, children
This world is one that God created with his own thoughts...
And to give birth to a world of divided children, molecules, and matter, there must first be a thoughtful act of naming everything.
Then, the conviction becomes stronger and stronger on the material (molecular) level.
This is why the people of the eastern lands, headed by the mantra-named La Mu, used siddhis and mantra-sutras.
We, the so-called prophets, also saw the future and went to the past with the power of Siddhi.

In ancient times, our ancestors prospered in the far east. But with what we call word knowledge, the separation (molecular) division grew stronger, and the world quickly became war, conflict, and darkness...?
Then the tremendous natural disaster created by all nature, the anger of God, and his children who wanted to punish themselves struck, and those who survived to escape were scattered across the world...

Our ancestors fled to the world, became the Hebrew Sumerian Phoenicians, and lived in what we now call the Middle East...
Therefore, if we trace back to the source, the true homeland is the land of La Mu, the land of harmony in the far east.
Consequently, we, exhausted by the separate battles, later went there and
We were to return...

The Torah is the story of God and his children punishing themselves for hating division because everything is God's dream, the one world. The book of inspiration of La Mu, whose name is Shingon, is emptiness, nothingness, thoughts, dreams of God and His children. And that there is no reality. The teaching that we are forever in an unknown and mysterious place is the essence of the Yamato Kingdom, which is the oneness that I am not real. This is the essence of Yamato.

In the story of Abraham, the message is that in oneness, every child is one's own child, and there is no sense of division between one's own child and another's a child.
The message is that there is no such thing.
Even Moses, because of the oneness of everything, did not attack or destroy a large number of Hebrew God's people, even when they were pursued by a small number of fighting forces.
This is the story of a man who continues to love his brother, who does not attack or destroy his own fighting forces, even when they are pursued by a small number of fighting troops.
It is a message passed down from generation to generation that all of nature and the Creator will protect the people of love...

The same is true of Noah, for the Torah tells the story of the divine dream, in which all things are one because of love. The Torah describes the tale of Siddi, in which we must always punish ourselves for being separate (divided) in a world of oneness through the materialization of our thoughts...

It is a cautionary tradition that tells us that even Joshua was said to have been destroyed and ruined in the north and even in southern Judah if he had committed the folly of invading and robbing a country that was a visible oneness with the other, mistaking the oneness for the other, and hypothetically violating, killing, stealing, controlling, managing, and enslaving it...

Therefore, Moses slept with the soil in the tabernacle, and the people followed suit, living by tilling the soil with the manna of the five grains. Finally, he laid down his weapons and took up a hoe.

He made the temple in the tabernacle and lived without the value of his own possessions because all is one undivided land.
God loves everything and the tabernacle.
For in the midst of all that is one, all is itself...

Throughout my life, I continued to convey the foolishness of the struggle between unities. Still, because of the words and senses born of naming and the divided child, the material world (molecules), people continued their stupidity to fight, compete, and dominate because they could see it that way.
And destroyed themselves.

Self-expansion, separation, division, arrogance, overconfidence, inferiority, endless days of battle, killing, deceit, and a world being raped...
I saw a future that would never end because of the cruelty I had mistakenly inflicted on others.
I was so disgusted that I took a path back to my ancient hometown.
To East…

He asked his compatriots, the Ebbs, to form a fleet of Tarshish ships and head for the land of healing, the land of harmony and oneness...
The dream expanded into a land of love-consciousness, where there was no delusion about the division of the ego…
His cousin, the king of Southern Judah, talked a lot about life, and he had no choice but to take the Ark, the sacred treasure, and many other treasures and head east...

At that time, he also told all of his people who had suffered in the Assyrian captivity, the people of the north, and together they set out for the east.
At that time, all thirteen tribes were together.
And since Elia, the predecessor of Northern Israel, was already rooted in the land of the East, he had guidance from his descendants...

Many of our ancestors, including Moses, were exhausted and fed up with the division and set out for the land of Mu in the East, where there was no separation for harmony...
You've probably figured it out by now. We are
In the dream of the one God on the eternal earth, we continue to fight with delusion, kill each other, hate each other, resent each other, cheat, commit crimes, dominate each other, and become disgusted and make ourselves sick.
We have been trying to punish ourselves, destroy ourselves, and, if possible, return to our true nature because this state of rape, domination, and self-disease is so contrary to our true nature, our own love.
It is this story that is the Torah...

But, children, no matter how much we continue to tell you about it, the values of division, the delusion of it, are so strong that the people will choose to go astray and perish.
I sincerely hope that you will never make a mistake and live the dream of the love of the Creator beautifully, love, help, support, and make use of all that is visible and subatomic one with the others, thus live happily forever...

Message from Isaiah

Listen, children
In this one world, where no other world exists at all.
Don't be delusional, don't try to win or defeat others.
Don't compare, be inferior, or be afraid.
All of those divisions are delusional and untrue.
Everything is only to love.

The story continues
At the time of father’s funeral
My father's brother, uncle Akira, tells Takeru about the family's secret roots.
When my uncle was a junior high school student and his brother, Takeru's father, was a high school student, the uncle went with Takeru to his father's (Takeru's grandfather) family home in Awaji.
He learned that religious people dug wells in Jindai and that his grandfather's family temple in Jindai (founded by Kukai) supported them...

This story is set in Yamato, Awaji Island, starting from Jindai, based on a tradition handed down to Takeru by his father and grandfather's family for 1300 years, a temple said to have been opened by the ancient Kukai. And a Hachiman shrine that has continued to exist together.
It is a story of ancient Judaism, Isaiah's ancient writings, extraordinary true history and love, and letters and treasures that could beautifully change this dark world.
It is a story of deciphering...

After Takeru's father's funeral, he found this letter from Isaiah in an old warehouse.
And in touch with that tradition, Takeru traveled back in time 2680 years...

That's the reason why this story was animated in the first place.
It is a great pleasure to contribute to creating a beautiful world, and I genuinely feel that it is my duty to be born into this world...


A prophet of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Worried about the future of his dying kingdom, he had delivered an oracle to his cousin, King Hezekiah. King Hezekiah orders him to head to the east to create a truly peaceful and harmonious country, taking with him the sacred treasures that have been passed down for generations and his 4 million people. Even after arriving in the Promised Land in the East, a letter written with a deep wish for the happiness of the Hezekiah kings left behind was found in a family storehouse in the Jindai on Awaji Island, and this story began...
King Hezekiah
CV.Junichi Ishida
King of the Southern Kingdom of Judah and cousin of the prophet Isaiah. As the Babylonian army approaches, he secretly summons Isa, entrusts her with a sacred treasure handed down from the time of King Solomon, and orders his to head east with the 12 tribes of God's people. A king whose life was once saved by Isaiah and who has a heart of deep remorse.
CV.Issei Ishida
Third son of Isaiah. He is commanded to lead the people in Assyrian captivity to the eastern lands. He traveled over 10,000 kilometers of the Silk Road in place of his father, Isaiah. He helps the people, takes care of them, and experiences painful partings as he grows into a beautiful young man. The great migration led by Susa is still left as a festival in the neighboring countries along the way...
Eldest son of Isaiah. A kind-hearted young man who supports and admires his father, Isaiah. He later became the head of a peaceful country.
King Saruta
CV.Junichi Ishida
Chief of Jomon, King Saruta. In response to a transmission from King Hezekiah, the king of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, he dedicated Onokoro Island in the land of the gods of Awaji Island as a castle for Isaiah.
The daughter of King Saruta and the princess of the Jomon period. Even before Isaiah's party arrived, she respected and adored Isaiah's feelings of harmony and unity.
Chief of Twelve tribes
Chiefs of the 12 tribes. The vice commanders who traveled the sea route with Isaiah and the Silk Road with Isa's son Susa. With a passion for peace in his heart, he avoided conflict and set out on a journey with sacred treasures.
From the land in the east to the whole world
MARTH, a sublime artist continues to sing the love of oneness
"to create the world of love"
Original story, music, script, directed and total production by MARTH
Following the first animation, "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." comes the long-awaited and much-talked-about "Letter from Isaiah - Isaiah's Legacy.
From the East to the World...

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About the first animation, "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there."

People have left paradise...
Nature, the universe, the world of the creative entity...
From the world of scientific elementary particles of spiritual oneness: ...
There it all was...
For you to live, everything you need ... and all of that joy things...
It was there from the beginning...
The only thing that humanity has created since leaving there, separating, and living in thought, has been to destroy that beautiful gift from heaven...

They believed that they needed something that they didn't need, something that was unnatural, and something that was ego. As a result, people have been making up things that are not naturally occurring worldwide.
The world has been enslaved, robbed, believed to exist...
They believed in things that were initially sufficient and beautiful, but that they didn't need, as if they always needed them... And it controlled...

Beautiful things are born from humanity who has beautiful oneness…
The separation makes and bears conflict, fighting, violence, lies, domination, slavery, overconfidence, hatred, killing each other, deprivation, egotism, inferiority, ambition, and ugliness.

Let's see if humanity can deeply awaken and escape from it…
I don't know…if humanity desires anything aside from the self-desire…
However, if the heavens tell me that I must help people escape from that, I am still prepared to do my best, even if it is unwillingly...

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Original story, music, script, directed and overall production by MARTH
Production: Comfort Co., Ltd.
Performance: Czech National Symphony Orchestra

© Comfort Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
I don't belong to anything within.
I am nothing, I am nobody.
Neither do I belong to any country nor any group, any religion,
any political group,
any psychological, and any philosophical society.
I will belong nowhere forever.
Neither born, therefore, nor die
as a part of the universe.
If I dare to say who I am,
I am nothing but an eternal public servant of the universe...

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